The 4th Global Conservation Agriculture Conference is due to begin in Delhi, India on 4th February 2009. Past CA conferences have been held in Spain, Brazil and Kenya but this is the first in Asia. With continued growth in population and food demand but decreasing cropped area (due urbanization and industrial use), water (more competition by industry and domestic needs), soil health (especially physical and biological), and productivity in this region, holding this conference in Delhi is very appropriate. 700 delegates are expected to attend, with 80% of the presenters being foreign scientists who are leaders in their disciplines. There will be some key topic sessions for all participants followed by several break out sessions on specific topics. The web site of this conference can be found at the following link

This blog will try to review the important issues, solutions and decisions from this conference. Delhi is a huge megacity with bussling traffic, poor air quality, but a vibrant emerging economy. India and South Asian countries are dependent on agriculture for livelihoods of 60% of their population and the emergence of CA and other resource conserving technologies may be the key to sustaining and increasingĀ  production in the future. These new management systems will hopefully reverse the degradation of soils that has been occuring over the past 30 years and help to promote improved soil health, the key basis for sustainable production.

This blog will open on February 1, 2009.

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